Are you looking to start a construction project, or you want to do a little remodeling and renovations in your house? You are going to need a concrete contractor. Finding one in your locality is easy as you can do it through the internet or, better still, rely on word of mouth from friends and family. One of the first things that you would have to discuss with the contractor is how much the entire project will cost. There are various ways to do this. You can get the quotes over the phone or do it in person. Here, we consider the pros and cons of both approaches, and which one would be best for you.


An in-person quote is what you get when you meet with the contractor physically, or even the contractor visits your site to have a complete understanding of what he is meant to do.


The Comprehensiveness of Quote: When you get your quote in person, attention is paid to all the details that could skip your mind on the phone. There are times when such a quote is not given until the contractor has visited your site, so it is very accurate, unlike over the phone quote, which is more of a basic estimate of what it would cost you to execute the project.

Opportunity To Observe A Contractor And Create Relationships: No matter how long you speak with someone over the phone, there are still many things you won’t understand about the person. In fact, body language is more than half of what communication entails; in-person quotes let you observe the contractor’s body language and determine whether you want to work with the person. It is not just about the most favorable quote alone; you also consider the expertise and how trustworthy the contactor is. You can observe all these better with an in-person quote and even forge a strong and understanding relationship with your contractor before starting the job.


On the other hand, over the phone quote simply means when you reach out to the contractor on the phone, give a detailed explanation of the project as best as you can, and the contractor gives you the cost based on that explanation.


Convenience: When it comes to which of the two methods guarantees both you and the contractor’s convenience. Over the phone quotes are far ahead. With this method, you don’t even have to leave your house before getting all the necessary details and cost of your construction project sorted out. Thus, it gives you the chance to easily compare multiple quotes from different contractors and pick the one you like best.

Speed: Most construction contractors pride themselves in being responsive, so whenever you call, you can rest assured that someone will pick up the phone immediately with a very short waiting time and no need to move from your home to the contractor’s office or vice versa.

Less Costly: Getting the quote for your construction project is not something you will usually budget into the construction cost. But if you need a face-to-face meeting to get the quote from the contractor, that usually means spending money on transportation. Now imagine if you are visiting different contractors in order to compare their costs, that’s more money spent on transportation.

No Restrictions in Available Contractors: Over the phone quotes gives you access to hundreds or even thousands of contractors. You can compare prices across the country or your state before settling for someone close to home who can provide the same quality service at a reasonable cost.

Bottom line

While both methods of getting a quote have their advantages and disadvantages, most concrete contractors provide over the phone quotes and further gives the client the option of visiting them to get an in-person quote.