2020’s Most Popular Concrete Styles and Why You Should Add Them To Your Home


2020’s most popular concrete styles of flooring developments change all through the years as homeowners acquire new tastes and technology permits a larger range of flooring designs for their reworking project. Medium brown tones struck the right note with homeowners. Flooring finishes ranging from ebony to driftwood have become very popular. Another fashion that picked up and will maintain is allowing flooring imperfections together with the mineral streaks and knots to serve as part of the aesthetics and create a more natural feel. It changed into additionally a massive year for faux floors. Tiles that seem like wood were, especially in trend.

Trend #1. Fumed Wood Flooring – Stronger Color & Grain

Almost all forms of wood flooring undergo some sort of staining to present them with the desired final finish. Fumed wood flooring gets its rich color and grain without having to get any form of staining. Instead, the wood is put via a process called fuming. This involves putting the timber in a chamber in which airborne ammonia is then released. The wood reacts with the ammonia and undergoes a shade change. The response does now not always bring about the exact equal changes. The final patina achieved relies upon a number of things including the form of timber, the outside environment, and the atmosphere in the chamber itself. So even among two similar portions of timber, the ensuing hues may vary. Generally, however, fuming offers the wood rich dark tones and enhances the herbal grain of the timber. The final look is an awful lot more attractive and steeply-priced than what you get with stained timber flooring. Do now not confuse fumed wood with that which has had liquid ammonia without delay implemented to it. Using liquid ammonia directly on the wooden risks negatives the fiber and will weaken its structure. To manage expectancies and safety concerns–do masses of research in case you plan to apply fumed timber flooring.

Trend #2. Bleached & Blanched Woods

Not each person likes the sleek brown stains of most timber floors. For some, the softer white-washed look of a bleached ground is greater their taste. This type of floor is composed of wood that has passed through a bleaching process, also referred to as blanching. This includes applying a chemical answer onto the surface of the wooden to take away the “color”. By color, we mean the synthetic dye or stain coating the wooden. Blanching gives the wood an ash white-washed appearance with the natural wood grain nevertheless being really visible from underneath. So you do now not lose the allure and beauty of natural wood, it is just packaged in some other style. Take a look at our home remodeling ideas page, which is full of our previous undertaking pictures. If you are planning a renovation, make certain you ask your contractor which choice is better for you; bleaching your current wooden floors or changing it with ready-made blanched floors. Trying to present your current wooden flooring the bleached appearance is often steeply-priced and tedious work. The 2020 bleached and blanched fashion goes to be especially famous seashore retreats and country/farmhouse style homes. Although, we anticipate this fashion will transcend all types of homes since it’s so breathtaking.

Trend #3. Distressed Wood & Concrete Tiles

The distressed floor style has been around for pretty a while but has grown to be even extra popular just recently. Next year, expect to see greater homeowners opt for that luxurious aged appearance in their flooring. Distressed flooring undergoes synthetic growing old and styling methods that deliver it a slightly worn finish. It works fine for spaces where a beautiful rustic appearance is desired. In making ready distressed timber flooring, diverse actions are taken depending on the diploma and style of “distress” desired. The edges of each timber plank are hand-scraped, swirl, and kerf markings are delivered to imitate historic timber and the planks are brushed to put off glossing and deliver them a smooth worn texture.

If wood floors aren’t your cup of tea, you can also choose the increasingly popular distressed concrete flooring. In the 2020s most popular concrete, the distressed concrete floor style will receive more interest as owners look for options to traditional wood flooring. As with distressed wooden, distressed concrete is going through artificial techniques to limit the exceptionally polished appearance and convey an enhanced worn out patina. Distressed concrete flooring can be incorporated into most sorts of decors however works excellent in commercial and modern domestic styles.