Creative Ways to Use Concrete

Just a handful of building materials are as strong as concrete. This durability has earned concrete a favorite place in our hearts when it comes to DIY projects. Also, it’s the go-to option for hand scraping features, such as walkways, driveways, patios, and so on. 

However, not everyone appreciates the significant standout features that make concrete widely acceptable.

Concrete can be transformed into anything useful, from decorative letters to magnets to even molding a bed-side lamp. You can potentially save costs by learning how to make simple household items using concrete. 

Let’s check out the six creative ways to use concrete below:

  1. Can be used to make a birdbath

One interesting thing about concrete is the presence of hydraulic cement in the mix. This material performs excellently well in any water application. Hence to make your birdbath, you can start by molding the shape of a birdbath.

Then mix the concrete and pour it into a mold. As soon as the mix dries up, detach the mold and place the birdbath in your preferred location.

  1. Stepping Stones

To commence this process, mix your cement with water in a standard 55-pound bag. Stir to get that free peanut butter-like paste. After that, scoop and add to a mold of any shape or size, then allow it to dry.

These stepping stones could serve as a pathway in your garden or serve as a road path in a horrible road network.

  1. Design furniture

If there’s something all DIYers’ have in common, it would be to make their customized furniture. After all, who wouldn’t mind the satisfaction of sitting on a chair built with his hand? Firstly, design your chosen custom concrete furniture. Then use a rapid cement concrete mix to structure your design, let it dry up, and start enjoying your creation. 

  1. Build Patio Accents

Using a rapid set concrete mix, you can create your perfectly designed fire furniture. Similarly, concrete performs very well even at extremely hot temperatures. Also, because of the cement’s shrinkage properties, it will also perform very well in cold weather.

  1. Make any tabletop project

Even though we know concrete to be used for interstate highway projects, and large public projects, it doesn’t disqualify its use for some small domestic projects like table projects such as candle holders, small flower vases, empty soda bottles, paperweights, etc. 

With the right mix of rapid set cement and the proper motivation, you can create any tabletop project of your choice. 


Finally, concrete’s versatility cannot be overemphasized; we have seen the use of concrete to pull off mega-city projects. However, concrete is also used for a diverse range of DIY projects. The list of what the proper motivation can produce is nothing compared to what we have on our list.

Are you interested in getting involved in a DIY concrete project? Why not use some of the ideas highlighted above.